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(HALAL) Mala Chicken + Hotpot (2 Serving)

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Mala Chicken is a classic delicacy, sharp in taste, strong in aroma, a dish not to be missed!

It starts as one dish – chicken pieces with a thick, complex sauce seasoned with lots of spices – and ends up as a hotpot base.

Michelin Gourmand Bib Chef Ng's version of Mala Chicken includes a marinating process that allows the chicken pieces to absorb all the flavours from the seasoning he created. Each piece of chicken is delightfully plump and juicy.

The savoury soy sauce, herbs, chili peppers, ginger, Sichuan peppercorns, and tons of aromatic spices create a broth that produces an electrifyingly hot and numbing sensation.

After most of the chicken has been eaten, the aromatic spicy broth remaining in the pot is then used to poach raw ingredients, serving as a unique mala hotpot base.

For hotpot extras, you could add side dishes of meat, fish balls, bean curd, vegetables, noodles, etc.

Mala Spicy Chicken/Hotpot is delicious, super addictive and fulfilling!



Chicken, Bean Sauce, Satay Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Star Anise, Bay Leaf, Ginger, Cardamom, Garlic, Mala Chilli, Dried Chilli, Pepper, E451 (Stabiliser)

Preparation Guide

Step 1: Defrost the unopened pouch

Step 2: Place pouch in boiling water for 12 minutes

Step 3: Pour content into a container

Step 4: Add preferred garnishing and enjoy the delicious Mala Chicken + Hotpot

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About the Chef

Hong Kong Michelin Chef Ng Kong Kiu is the owner and master chef of Ju Xing Home, one of the best Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants in Hong Kong. Ju Xing Home is a regular gathering place for top chefs and Michelin chefs. Chef Ng works magic; he is able to turn simple ingredients into delicious dishes.